Leadership & Governance

Leadership & Governance

Wensheng Cai

Chairman and Founder of Meitu, Inc.

A renowned angel investor who invested in dozens of popular Internet companies such as 4399 Network, Baofeng Group and 58.com

Xinhong Wu

CEO and Founder of Meitu, Inc.

Founded Meitu, Inc. in Xiamen in October 2008 and launched a series of software and hardware products including MeituPic, BeautyCam, MeiPai, Meitu Smartphone etc., promoting the popularity of the appearance culture.

Gary Ngan

Chief Financial Officer and Joint Company Secretary

Overall financial strategies, investor relations and company secretarial affairs

Cheng Yu

Chief Operating Officer

Commercializing of all company businesses

Wei Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

Overall research, management and technological strategies

Yongli Ruan

Senior Vice President of Technology

Network infrastructure development and big data analysis

Jie Chen

Senior Vice President of Product Development

Internet product management and design

Zhiping Zeng

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Human resources、administration and public relations

Jun Zhang

Senior Vice President of e-Commerce Business

Management of e-commerce business