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  • Meitu

    Meitu is a well-loved image processing app. With tons of functions such as exclusive photo special effects, powerful facial beautification, diverse photoshoot modes and fun stickers, this app is so popular around the world. Don't miss out; Join their ranks now!

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  • BeautyCam

    BeautyCam, endorsed by the lovely Angelababy, is a selfie app that transforms your phone into a magical selfie camera. With hundreds of different effects, a one-tap makeup function and selfie videos, this app is bound to fulfill all your beauty needs.

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  • Meipai

    Meipai, offers phone livestreams for beauty-lovers and smoking hot original videos. With more than 20 channels in genres such as comedy, cosmetics and fashion, music, dance and even live eating, Meipai has become the birthplace of tons of fun sensational nation-wide events!

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  • MakeupPlus

    MakeupPlus enables you to take amazing selfies even without wearing makeup! With a selection of Japanese/Korean style makeup, celebrity makeup, hilarious makeup and TV makeup styles, you'll never run out of fun makeup styles to apply on your selfies.

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  • BeautyPlus

    A magical selfie camera beloved by girls all over the world, this device beautifies your selfies the instant they are taken. Look your best with a single tap! The detailed facial recognition technique makes every selfie look naturally perfect.

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  • SelfieCity

    SelfieCity is the first stylish selfie app with an urban movie theme. With filters styled after major fashion icon cities such as New York, Tokyo, and Paris, users can make their own selfies into movie-poster like artworks, which are sure to earn admiring comments from friends and family!

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  • MeituBeauty

    MeituBeauty is an e-commerce platform for cosmetic & skincare. Its Skin Detection feature, powered by AI and big data analytics, can generate personalized skincare solutions and product recommendations by just a selfie. Products on MeituBeauty are 100% genuine and selected from quality brands globally.

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  • MeituDIY

    MeituDIY is an e-commerce platform that empowers users to create personalized, chic and fashionable items using Meitu’s leading AI technology. MeituDIY inspires the young to be owners of their creativity, incorporating designs in their daily lives.

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