Meitu Launches Social E-Commerce Platforms PUSHION and Meitu Personalized to Bring Virtual Beauty to Reality

03.29 2017

Meitu, Inc. (SEHK: 1357), a leading mobile internet company with its apps installed on more than 1.1 billion unique devices worldwide, yesterday at Andaz Xintiandi Shanghai announced its innovative new e-commerce platforms – PUSHION, a fashion-focused social e-commerce platform, and Meitu Personalized, which allows users to personalize merchandise through Meitu apps, turning virtual beauty into real-life experiences.

The launch of PUSHION and Meitu Personalized marks a pivotal step towards monetization and platformization for Meitu. As an emerging fashion-sharing and shopping community, PUSHION is built around “virtual shops,” providing users the ability to virtually explore fashion from around the world. Based on a revolutionary B2C2C business model, PUSHION is collaborating with global brands to feature exclusive fashion launches - integrating branded experiences with word-of-mouth and social influencer marketing. Meanwhile, Meitu Personalized, a service that enables users to have their photos imprinted on merchandise, aims to connect Meitu’s portfolio of apps and enable users bring their customized looks to life.

“Meitu excels in developing innovative, fashion-focused products to help our users discover and express their individual style,” said Xinhong Wu, Founder and Chief Executive Office of Meitu. “Now, with PUSHION and Meitu Personalized, our users will not only be able to customize their virtual avatars and online presence, but also bring their unique style to the real world.”

PUSHION – Revolutionary Virtual Shops
Innovative “virtual shops” take center stage in PUSHION. Unlike traditional B2C or C2C models, PUSHION is a fashion-focused social e-commerce platform adopting a B2C2C merchandising model, connecting consumers with brands and their products through Trendsetters in the platform. Trendsetters can share content and photos in PUSHION and build their own virtual stores by recommending styles and outfits from brands on the platform or Meitu’s own label. Users are able to visit and shop fashion and beauty products in the stores of their choice curated by their favorite Trendsetters. Insured by Zhong’an Insurance, all merchandise on PUSHION is authenticated by the trademark owner or delivered officially by PUSHION, guaranteeing that products are 100% genuine.

In PUSHION, each Trendsetter can earn sales commission without incurring any personal costs, while brands receive further exposure among users, driving both branding and marketing through a highly effective word-of-mouth approach. At the initial stage of launch, PUSHION has invited social media influencers, celebrities, well-known designers and fashion bloggers to share fashion insights and create their own virtual shops, fostering a community of both style and fashion.

The ability to launch exclusive items is also a major highlight of PUSHION. The app currently includes an array of items debuting on PUSHION, including a limited edition Phantom Black version of the Meitu T8, co-designed by Angelababy. Top international brands are expected to launch their products on PUSHION, generating excitement for users for what’s to come.

“PUSHION is developing a distinctive ecosystem of fashion e-commerce that builds a cost-saving bridge among users, fashion KOLs and brands – matching supply and demand,” said Jun Zhang, Senior Vice President of e-Commerce Business at Meitu.

Meitu Personalized -- Personalized Customization Platform
Meitu Personalized, a service that enables users to have their photos imprinted on merchandise through Meitu’s photo editing apps, serves to provide users with the ability to customize their own merchandise to display their individual style in the real world.

Meitu Personalized leverages Meitu’s technology leadership across its Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence-powered apps to offer a diverse array of personalized custom products while ensuring the quality of suppliers worldwide. With 1.1 billion users and 68 billion photos processed this year, Meitu’s user base is made up of a considerable number of users that have discerning eyes for design and high demand for “beauty” in their lives. With Meitu Personalized, style icons, celebrities and influencers can reach this trend-focused target audience, with limitless creative possibilities.

Currently available in beta through SelfieCity, Meitu Personalized will build on its growth and broaden its range of products for personalization to include accessories, footwear, makeup and lifestyle items. Meitu Personalized also announced its partnership with Velfont, a century-old European bedding brand that will launch the “Beauty Pillowcase”.

Meitu Portfolio -- precise target audience for Meitu’s e-commerce platforms
Meitu’s current portfolio of apps has amassed a powerful existing user base for its two new e-commerce platforms, PUSHION and Meitu Personalized: a group of over 1.1 billion young and image-conscious users; a target audience group that every fashion e-commerce player is eager to tap into.

Connected to all of Meitu’s apps, PUSHION is a major move towards the multi-platform integration of marketing for brands. Further enhanced by Meitu’s artificial intelligence-based technology, PUSHION is expected to provide consumers with accurate personal recommendations, and in the future aims to reduce the cost of operating branded retail businesses online. Meanwhile, Meitu Personalized will further integrate the Company’s portfolio of apps to create a comprehensive personalized marketplace.

About Meitu (Stock code: 1357.HK)
Established in 2008, Meitu is a globally leading mobile internet company headquartered in China. With the vision of building an ecosystem around “beauty”, Meitu has developed a rich portfolio of internet and smart hardware products such as Meitu, BeautyCam, Meipai (a short-form video and live streaming community app) and Meitu Smartphones, which transformed the way people create and share the idea of “beauty”. As of January 31, 2017, Meitu has over 1.1 billion unique users worldwide and engaged 520 million MAUs. It has successfully established its influence in overseas markets with more than 500 million overseas users, such as launching of localized apps and building up of local teams overseas including New Delhi in India, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Palo Alto in the United States, Singapore and Tokyo in Japan. According to App Annie's data, Meitu has repeatedly ranked as one of the top eight iOS non-game app developers globally together with other global Internet giants throughout June 2014 to January 2017.

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