Meipai Unveils Premiere Brand Resource Platform “Meipai Project M” to Connect Brands with Key Opinion Leaders

05.31 2017

Meitu, Inc. (SEHK: 1357) (“Meitu”, the “Company”, or with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), a leading mobile internet company with its apps activated on more than 1.1 billion unique devices, today unveiled the premiere short-form video resource platform for brands, “Meipai Project M,” in its short-form video community, Meipai. Using data-driven resources, the brand marketing platform connects brands with Meipai influencers to promote their products, while the new function, “Buying while Viewing,” allows influencers on the platform to monetize their short-form video content. Announced at Meipai’s third year anniversary celebration, Meitu also revealed a new partnership with renowned data provider, iResearch Consulting Group, to publish a Development Trends Report on Short-form Video Influencers to provide brands with an in-depth analysis into this rapidly growing industry.

“Meipai Project M” -- promoting brand products while monetizing influencers’ audience


“Meipai Project M” takes a targeted approach to connecting quality short-form video content creators with marketers by match-making based on brand objectives and influencer audience profiles to optimize conversion. By leveraging big data generated from Meipai’s 110+ million monthly active users, the platform provides real-time data-based marketing solutions to achieve a win-win for both the brands and the influencer. “Meipai Project M” will also collaborate with “Weiboyi”, a microblog advertising communication platform, to supply a range of services including bringing in new customers to offering agency services to data sharing. “Meipai Project M” launched on May 31 at

To further cultivate the short-form video industry and help establish stronger monetization opportunities for both brands and influencers, Meipai will also be the first social-video sharing network to roll out a “Buying while Viewing” function in the PRC to enable shopping in both short-form video and live streaming modes. The new function allows viewers to shop their favorite products while watching videos, driving a higher ad conversion ratio and helping Meipai influences monetize their content. This function is immediately available for Meipai influencers with over 100,000 followers.

“The potential of the short-form video advertising market is huge, but for now there hasn’t been any unified platform that provides supply and demand analysis, or a data tracking platform that can accurately measure marketing effectiveness,” said Mr. Bei Gou, Senior Vice President of Product at Meitu, Inc. “For example, some influencers become greatly popular on their self-created short-form videos, but fail to get paid from advertisements; whereas many brands face difficulty to advertise as they are unable to find the right influencers and advertising channels. ‘Meipai Project M’ is the silver-bullet solution to these problems.”

Co-publishing the industry’s first Development Trends Report on Short-form Video Influencers with iResearch
Meipai has also co-published the industry’s very first Short-form Video Development Trends Report together with iResearch Consulting Group. Original short-form videos, as the Report points out, exhibit enormous market potential on advertising content, such as integrating with aspirational personal brands and generating credibility with product placements.


Report Highlights:

Short-form video influencers are predominately female, with an average age of 23 years old
Over 80% of influencers use an iPhone to upload their short-form videos


Trends of Short-form Video Content:

Influencers with distinct personal traits and more interaction with their fans are more popular than celebrities who do not engage with their fans.

Vertical subdivisions will become the new content focal point. Compared to 2016, short-form videos in 2017 will feature more enriched vertical content and emerging niches such as games, outfit-of-the-day (OOTD), shopping shares (product hauls), etc.

Vertical short-form content is more subdivided than ever. For example, in 2017, dancing videos on Meipai have grown both in quantity and play time, and are subdivided into Latin dance, Jazz dance, and Pole dance, etc. Faced with this trend, short-form videos with more specific verticals have a higher chance of attracting followers.

Influencers who provide new and interesting user experiences are more popular and receive higher engagement. For example, in the last list published by, influencers such as Office Xiaoye (办公室小野), Adventurer Detective Lei (冒险雷探长), Li Ziqi Cuisine (李子柒) earn more followers and play time due to the unique experiences they provide for their audiences.

Short-form video content producers have more followers than influencers who post longer videos, due to a decrease in user attention span and desire to save time;

Tailor-made short-form videos meeting the increased demand for content focused on different regions (such as dialects) are more likely to receive attention and views.

Along with monetization trends of short-form influencers, the Report also includes three directions of development for short-form video content: creative product placements, integration of content with e-commerce, and independent brand creation.

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