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The Internet Can't Stop Taking Selfies With This Makeover App


It's here: the first app everyone is downloading and obsessing over in 2017 — and you will be too. Like other popular apps, this one, called Meitu, can edit your photos, make collages, and turn your selfies into something out of a dream.

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China’s Favorite Selfie-Editing App Maker Is Now Worth Almost $5 Billion


It may not be up there with Facebook's IPO in 2012, but a Chinese app-maker has just photoshopped its way to billions of dollars in market value, leaving behind countless selfies with pale pointy faces in its trail to riches.

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These viral selfie apps with 1 billion downloads are shaping China’s start-up culture

Source:The Washington Post

“Meitu sits at the intersection of two exploding forces: Chinese mobile use and rising Chinese women.” “If you are the biggest beauty ecosystem in China, you are the biggest in the world.”

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Monsters from Asia: the Meitu V4s is an edge in a round world


With smartphones in danger of becoming commoditized, it seems it's increasingly hard for manufacturers to stand out with their products. But that hasn't stopped phone makers from trying. Some bet on price, others on unique software features. Meitu—an obscure maker outside of China—is putting its money on distinctive design.

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'Auto-Beautification' Selfie Apps, Popular in Asia, Are Moving into the West


“In countries like China, Japan and Korea—where these types of apps are more mature and more widely used—consumers tend to tune up the auto-beautification more.” That doesn’t mean Western users aren’t catching on to the selfie-editing trend.

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