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  • The Meitu App is one of the world’s most popular image processing apps: it has recently launched a new social platform under the slogan “My Life, My Style”. Meitu first launched the PC version of its photo editor in 2008 and later the mobile app in 2011. Now in its tenth year, the Meitu App has been a witness to and frequent leader of mainstream aesthetic trends. Having grown into a super app, it continues to be a world leader in photo imaging technology.
    In May 2018, the Meitu App beta launched its social community, entering into the social media sharing sphere. On August 8, Meitu officially announced its “Beauty and Social Media” strategy for the next decade of its development. CEO and founder Xinhong Wu announced that the Meitu App, as the company’s first product and the one with the largest user base, will be fully upgraded into a brand-new social platform under the slogan “My Life, My Style”.

  • Under the slogan “Talent worth sharing”, Meipai has now fully evolved into a “pan-knowledge short video community”. Meipai has millions of user-generated original short videos, cool AR effects, animated stickers, advanced editing tools, subtitles, and voice-changing functions.
    On August 15th 2018, Meipai officially announced that the Chinese entertainer Lay will serve as Meipai’s first brand ambassador. Meipai includes more than 50 top rated multi-channel networks (MCN), more than 30,000 video influencers, and over 300 pan-knowledge categories.