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  • Meitu was the app that started it all. Since its release, Meitu has been the most popular image enhancing app, maintaining the largest market share. Meitu is committed to bringing users professional, smart photo editing services. With the new addition of the Meitu Moments, young users are encouraged to show their inner selves and engage in social interactions on this friendly community platform where like-minded content creators gather.

  • As the world's first selfie-centric photo enhancing mobile app, BeautyCam turns mobile phones into powerful selfie tools that deliver beautiful and natural-looking results. BeautyCam also features face recognition and provides a variety of looks and stickers while making personalized recommendations.

  • MakeupPlus is an excellent tool for those who want to try out hyper-realistic makeup effects without actually needing to put on the makeup themselves. Now considered a daily necessity for many, the app offers advanced makeup features that enable users to mix-and-match so as to create billions of customized looks. With over 300 themed looks in different styles to choose from, even the most indecisive customer would be able to figure out what suits them best without even needing to look in the mirror. Most also find the opportunity to try out brand-name lipsticks virtually very appealing—the textures of each lipstick are brought to life in high quality, making finding the perfect choice ever-so-easy!MakeupPlus has made its way to the top of the Free Apps Ranking on the App Store multiple times, and has also been featured in the Apple Store of several countries. Its user base continues to grow, with already a substantial number of users in countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, Canada and Vietnam.

  • The world’s first stylish selfie app themed on urban-style movies, SelfieCity offers atmospheric filters centered on major cities such as New York, Tokyo and Paris. Users can just snap away and watch their photos transform automatically into classy movie-esque creations. Want to look artsy without seeming like a tryhard? This is the app for you!