Secoo Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Meitu over the Operation of MeituBeauty

11.22 2018

Secoo and Meitu have come together to form a strategic partnership agreement: the retail platform MeituBeauty will now be operated by Secoo's luxury retail application, TryTry. Under the agreement, TryTry will be responsible for all branding promotions, product purchasing, sales, delivery, and customer service aspects of MeituBeauty. Meitu's app matrix will continue to empower the MeituBeauty platform.

Meitu Founder and CEO, Xinhong Wu said, "Combining MeituBeauty with Secoo's TryTry Platform represents an adjustment to Meitu's e-commerce strategy." He further noted that combining Meitu's industry-leading AI skin testing technology and a large number of users with Secoo's excellent luxury services and advanced supply chain management capabilities is an exciting change for both companies. Further integrating these aspects into TryTry's new mode of operations will provide consumers with a higher quality shopping experience. "This cooperation enables each party to focus on their respective advantages," Mr. Wu added, "Meitu will continue to focus on its Beauty and Social Media strategy, while further opening up to unleash its core strengths of connecting and serving users and merchants. Meitu will also continue to work with quality partners and maximize the value of our user base."

Secoo Founder and CEO Rixue Li said, "As Asia's leading premium lifestyle platform, Secoo has developed many partnerships with premium brands to offer high-quality services for its consumers." He further elaborated that this cooperation allows Secoo to integrate Meitu's advanced AI skin testing technology into its high-quality systems of supply chain management and customer service to provide a higher quality and more comprehensive shopping experience for consumers on both platforms. "Meitu's Beauty and Social Media development strategy is highly compatible with Secoo's goal of delivering premium products and services to consumers. Both companies share a vision of establishing a multi-platform for consumers, merchants, and services. The cooperation between Secoo, TryTry, and Meitu will see the three parties working together to improve an already innovative experiential service," Li added.

Besides industry-leading AI skin testing technology, Meitu possesses the largest group of high-earning female users in China and a premium brand image. This cooperation will allow Meitu to enjoy the benefit of both guaranteed and shared income while its app matrix continues to provide an in-depth level of service for MeituBeauty, as well as for Secoo and TryTry.

As Asia's largest premium lifestyle platform, Secoo is an omnichannel shopping platform that supports easy product selection, order processing, and convenient payment methods. Secoo complements its online platform with offline experience centers to provide superior customer service. Moreover, Secoo has attracted a broad base of suppliers of upscale products, including brands, authorized distributors, individual and corporate suppliers. Secoo's comprehensive global supply chain has been designed to meet the diverse preferences and needs of its customers, which vary from seasonal luxury products to highly sought-after classic styles, and vintage or rare products.

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