BeautyPlus Teams up with Sanrio Characters to Launch Interactive AR Filters

11.29 2018

Meitu, a mobile Internet company that has been transforming the way its users create and share beauty, has recently partnered with Sanrio to launch ten interactive Augmented Reality (AR) filters on the BeautyPlus app today. These ten AR filters showcase six of Sanrio's representative characters and their signature features including Hello Kitty (5 filters), My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Gudetama, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin (1 filter each). These AR filters interact with users dynamically: the characters are able to sense and react to users' actions such as blinking, smiling, and shaking hands. The first batch is available today.

Sanrio, a cornerstone of Japanese Kawaii (cute) culture, and its lineup of iconic characters including Hello Kitty are not only popular in Japan but have also become a global sensation. Through this partnership, Sanrio hopes to make use of BeautyPlus' AR filter technology to give the app's 480 million global users the opportunity to directly interact with its lovable characters. 

Sanrio's character-themed AR filters can be downloaded by BeautyPlus users worldwide. Hello Kitty (4 filters), My Melody, Gudetama and Pompompurin will be launched today, and three more will become available in early December.

The Hello Kitty set has five unique designs, each with the ability to sense and react to facial movements. Some filters allow users to wear Hello Kitty's signature headband, while others offer specialized Hello Kitty themed backgrounds. 

Hello Kitty: The Most Popular

My Melody will appear to sit on the user's hand when they have their palm facing upwards. The filter also allows users to wear My Melody's look-a-like ears or a ribbon. Pompompurin can step on a user's nose and cheeks and leave cute footprints in the process, or simply sleep on top of their heads. Users are able to see their own face while Gudetama uses a mobile phone and looks on in its characteristically apathetic manner – just like being in a conference call with the world's most famous lazy egg. 

My Melody: The CutestPompompurin: Kids' Favorite (Middle);Gudetama: The Lazy Egg (Right) 

Offering effects that are trendy, adorable or natural looking, BeautyPlus is currently enjoyed by over 480 million users worldwide. The app's wide array of AR filters and stickers are updated each week and its beauty function is beloved by users all over the world. To suit a number of different events and tastes across its many international markets, BeautyPlus regularly launches a variety of localized features, including AR pet filters for Japanese users, Diwali AR filters for India, and spooky AR filters for Halloween festivities around the world.

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