The Meitu App Launches We Bare Bears-Themed AR Filters and Stickers for Thailand

12.07 2018

The Meitu App has partnered with We Bare Bears to launch a BEAR HUG feature that includes AR filters, stickers, frames, mosaics, and a magic brush. This is a first-time collaboration between the Meitu App, an industry-leading free photo enhancement application, and We Bare Bears, an award-winning animated sitcom on the Cartoon Network.

This feature was developed in response to the popularity of We Bare Bears in Thailand, as well as in the spirit of spreading joy and connectedness for the upcoming New Year holidays. With the aid of the three bear siblings, Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, it will be easier than ever to give a bear hug this New Year. The feature will be available in Thailand now.

Launch the Meitu App, select the 'camera' button, then choose the BEAR HUG feature for a variety of adorable We Bare Bears-themed effects.

Bear Hug Frame: hug your loved ones.

Enriched your photo with We Bare Bears characters.

"This collaboration between the Meitu App and We Bare Bears enables users to interact with the characters and show fun photos in a creative way. Because December is a month that filled with holidays and is a time of gathering, we encourage users to hug their loved ones and make these loving moments even more memorable with the BEAR HUG feature," said Pin Chen, Senior International Marketing Manager of the Meitu app.

The Meitu app was introduced to the Thai market in 2018 and has been extremely popular with users ever since. It has claimed the overall top spot for free apps and free apps in the photography category in both the App Store and the Google Play Store in the 2018 Thailand rankings.

"Thai users are very creative when it comes to photo editing. The Magic Brush and Mosaic are the two most favored features among Thai users", added Pin Chen, Senior International Marketing Manager of the Meitu app. Magic Brush allows users to doodle on their photos while Mosaic allows them to change their photos' backgrounds into one that's more fun and fitting with their current mood.

The We Bare Bears Mosaic changes the background of a photo to one that's more fun and fitting with a user's current mood. It is available on the Meitu app.

Users can Doodle their photos creatively with the We Bare Bears Magic Brush.

We Bare Bears is an animated comedy on Cartoon Network about three brothers trying to fit in and make friends in human society. Grizzly is the oldest bear and leads his brothers with boundless optimism, which often leads to disastrous and hilarious consequences. Panda, the middle child, is a hopeless romantic. Ice Bear is the youngest brother with a wildcard personality.

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