Meitu Partners with Hwahae to Launch Mobile AI Skin Analysis Website

05.13 2019

Meitu. Inc. (SEHK: 1357), an industry-leading photo/video editing company, has entered into a partnership with Hwahae, South Korea's top cosmetic information platform, to launch a mobile AI skin analysis website.

This collaboratively-built mobile website can be easily accessed through social platforms such as Facebook, Kakaotalk, and the Hwahae app. When users upload a photo they took using either the mobile website or their own photo album, it will be instantly analyzed by Meitu's cutting-edge AI technology. Users can immediately check the results of their analysis, which tests for skin age, color/tone, blackheads, dark circles, and wrinkles while offering skincare tips. Hwahae Plus will also recommend specific products with detailed usage instructions, according to each user's unique skincare needs.

Meitu has worked with major beauty brands globally, leveraging its AI-powered skin analysis technology and big data. Focusing on the offline retail market, the virtual makeup sampling platform MEITUGENIUS (also known as Meitu Magic Mirror) is featured in 22 DFS stores in 16 locations including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Meitu has also successfully launched many collaborative promotions with major global cosmetics companies in Mainland China including Sephora and Make Up Forever.

"By pairing Meitu's AI technology with Hwahae's comprehensive list of cosmetic product recommendations, we will offer users a way to intelligently address their skincare needs," said Kathy Park, Meitu's General Manager of Business Development in South Korea who leads this partnership. "This mobile website offers a new kind of highly interactive and personalized online content that allows brands to attract potential new customers in a way that is more efficient than conventional one-way content. We are expecting the launch of this mobile website to become an online sensation that will have a viral impact on social media channels," she added.

Meitu also offers its facial recognition, skin analysis, and virtual makeup sampling technologies in the form of an SDK and API that may be used by corporate partners in their service platforms.

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