Meitu Launches MeituKey Skin Analyzer, Focusing on the In-Home Skincare Market

05.16 2019

Meitu has introduced the MeituKey Skin Analyzer, following the release of the MeituSpa Cleansing Brush. The MeituKey Skin Analyzer is now available to the public for the retail price of RMB 998.

MeituKey Skin Analyzer taps into peoples' increased awareness of skin health and the need for in-home skin analysis.


A professional-grade home skin analysis device

According to Transparency Market Research, the global market for skincare devices will reach US $17.2 billion by 2023: a significant amount of this growth is attributed to demand from the Asia-Pacific market. However, a consistent issue is that many people use products that do not match their unique skin type. Finding and using the right skincare products requires professional analysis, but this requires visiting either a cosmetic hospital, or a high-end cosmetics counter: not only do these services require much time and energy, but they are also more costly than most consumers can afford. For these reasons, home skin analysis is a growing trend in today's market.

The launch of the MeituKey marks yet another step toward Meitu' vision to help its users be their most beautiful selves in both virtual and real worlds.

The MeituKey Skin Analyzer is based on MTlab's many years' of experience researching and developing human facial technologies. It provides a comprehensive skincare experience that includes skin detection, analysis, prognosis of future skin issues, skin health improvement suggestions, and the real-time tracking of skin conditions. It also provides a detailed report that includes applicable skincare solutions for individual skin type, and personalized skincare product recommendations. With people now more conscious of the health of their skin than ever before, the MeituKey Skin Analyzer satisfies the market need for a professional-grade home skin analysis device that supports multiple users and provides personalized skincare solutions for each family member.


12-dimensional professional skin analysis

Human skin changes in relation to age, environment, and geography. The MeituKey Skin Analyzer allows users to accurately analyze the condition of their skin anytime and anywhere to adjust their skincare regime accordingly. The MeituKey Skin Analyzer is used in conjunction with the MeituSkin app: by integrating these software and hardware elements, the MeituKey offers a 12-dimensional professional-grade skin analysis experience to help users accurately determine the health state of their skin. It can test for skin issues ranging from basics such as moisture and oil content, dark circles, skin tone, and acne to more in-depth issues related to pores, blackheads, skin age, hidden spots, and sensitivity. The device also detects and offers recommendations related to facial cleansing (makeup and residue) and sunscreen application, reminding the user to re-apply their sunscreen if they do not have even and sufficient coverage.


Three light modes to dig out underlying skin problems in time

The MeituKey Skin Analyzer offers three light modes: standard white light, cross-polarized light, and a professional-grade skin testing mode. The professional-grade skin testing mode works to examine deep into skin and discover the root cause of problems such as hair follicle issues, skin infections, and blackheads.


MTlab patented technology, a scientific approach to skincare

The MeituKey Skin Analyzer is also powered by Meitu's exclusive patented technologies. These include, but are not limited to, skin detection, facial oil detection, cheek sensitivity skin detection, and dark circle detection. By comparing the user's unique skin condition both before and after their skincare routine, the MeituKey Skin Analyzer informs users whether their skincare products best suit their needs. The AI-powered MeituKey Skin Analyzer goes beyond other devices by tracking the skin’s condition online to determine if a specific skincare product is working to its fullest potential.


Online professional dermatologists to safeguard skin health

Meitu has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Pifubao, a mobile skin healthcare platform. Users can log into the MeituSkin app to connect with nearly eight thousand dermatologists from public hospitals registered on Pifubao for online skin condition consultations and pathological diagnoses. This offers a new and convenient approach to skincare.

"Meitu will incorporate the power of its AI technologies into its skin-related devices and beauty-related services," said Meitu founder and CEO Xinhong Wu. "This will allow Meitu users to be their most beautiful selves in both virtual and real worlds." The launch of the MeituKey is yet another step toward that vision.

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