Meitu Debuts Commercial AI Skin Analyzer at China Beauty Expo

05.20 2019

MeituEve, Meitu's commercial AI skin analyzer, recently made its debut at the China Beauty Expo in Shanghai. To be used in cosmetic treatment centers, MeituEve not only provides professional-grade skin detection functions and a full range analysis reporting but also opens up a wide range of opportunities for commercial partners.

MeituEve can attract customers to cosmetic treatment centers by offering professional skin analysis services free of charge, using location-based service (LBS) marketing and cross promotions across Meitu's full range of app products. It can also track skincare market trends by creating personalized customer profiles through its customer relationship management (CRM) system. In this way, MeituEve works to improve customer conversion and return rates.

MeituEve is Meitu's commercial AI skin analyzer, the newest addition to the company's suite of smart skincare devices.

MeituEve offers multi-dimensional skin detection while its AI technology works to analyze the skin and provide a personalized professional skin care plan for each user. This panoramic AI skin analyzer uses technologies developed by MTlab, Meitu's research and development hub, that are derived from MTlab’s years of experience in facial recognition and analysis.

MeituEve uses several patented MTlab technologies including oily skin segmentation, as well as sensitive skin, dark circle, and skin tone detection. The patented technologies used by MeituEve have been tested and proven by hundreds of millions of Meitu app users: this contributes to its optimal and precise skin detection and analysis results.

In addition to using AI technologies, MeituEve incorporates the advice of professional dermatologists to provide a 10-dimensional in-depth skin detection system that uses quantitative and qualitative analysis and detects skin issues with 95% accuracy. In particular, MeituEve's ability to detect dark circles and skin sensitivity is at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Meitu has made a strategic cooperation agreement with Pifubao, a mobile skin healthcare platform with a network consisting of nearly 10,000 dermatologists from public hospitals across China. This partnership has provided a substantial amount of clinical data and medical consultation needed for the development of the MeituEve. MeituEve is also the beneficiary of long-term and in-depth field research from a number of public dermatology hospitals.

To ensure a panoramic skin detection and analysis, as well as an optimal user experience, MeituEve features the finest optical hardware available and employs an ergonomic hemispheric design. It is the first product of its kind to use three built-in HD cameras to capture a panoramic facial image: just one photo captures a 1200w pixel image that covers 98% of the face, including skin texture. MeituEve can be used with the MeituKey Skin Analyzer, which magnifies a specific area of the skin by up to 100 percent.

MeituEve combines five light types including sunlight, UV-light, cross-polarized light, parallel polarized light, and Wood's light to clearly observe the epidermal layer of the skin, detect clogged pores, and predict the risk of acne. It also detects the color, features, and type of pigmentation spots, pores, and initial fine lines to make suggestions to prevent future issues from arising.

Moving forward, Meitu will continue to help users realize their beauty in both the virtual and real world while playing an important role in the evolution of the beauty industry.

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