Meitu's BeautyCam Releases AI Portrait Feature, Catalyzing an AI-Powered Natural Beauty Revolution

09.28 2018

On September 29, BeautyCam, Meitu's core selfie enhancing product, will fully release its new AI Portrait feature. Integrating deep reinforcement learning and Meitu's proprietary technologies like AI Beautification (MTbeauty), AI Noise Reduction (MTrestore) and AI Image Enhancement (MTenhance), the feature functions to recover the ideal ambient light in low lighting contexts, reduce image blurring, and most importantly restore the appearance of the skin's natural texture.

BeautyCam releases AI Portrait Feature that restores the skin's natural texture.

In recent years, user preferences have gradually moved toward images with a more natural aesthetic appearance. In response to this trend, BeautyCam elevates the gameplay in the beauty industry with a new generation of technological innovations, catalyzing a natural beauty revolution while surpassing the limitations of current hardware devices. Specifically, AI Portrait offers users three powerful weapons to correct blurry selfies, low-lighting selfies and selfies with unnatural skin texture, respectively.


Unnatural skin texture correction: polishes the skin, while preserving its texture and details. (From left to right: Original, regular beautification, AI Portrait)

Blurry selfie correction: save photos ruined by shaky hands. (From left to right: Original, regular beautification, AI Portrait)

Low-lighting selfie correction: say good-bye to dark and fuzzy night shots. (From left to right: Original, regular beautification, AI Portrait)

AI Portrait integrates deep reinforcement learning and proprietary AI technologies developed by Meitu Imaging & Vision Lab (MTlab), including AI Beautification (MTbeauty), AI Noise Reduction (MTrestore) and AI Image Enhancement (MTenhance). Based on the existing Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) technology of Andy DrawNet, the technology behind the much-acclaimed 'Andy the ArtBot', the creation of the AI Portrait feature has also led to the development of the all-new BeautyGAN (Beauty Generative Adversarial Networks). Compared with traditional generative networks, AI Portrait introduces the concept of the zero-sum game into machine learning to reduce the limitations of models and the generator and gain improved generative ability.

From PikaPika, AR Stickers, MyStylist, and MovieCam to today's AI Portrait feature, BeautyCam has been at the forefront of leading selfie trends since its inception in 2013. As Meitu's core tool product, BeautyCam will continue to add value by optimizing its user interface, improving the overall effects of its filters, and upgrading its selection of AR stickers, while bringing more technological innovations to the beauty industry.


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