Marvel's Venom Releases in China Alongside a Venom-Themed AR Effect in Collaboration with Meitu

11.14 2018

Meitu, a world-leading photo/video processing and social sharing company, has collaborated with Sony Pictures Releasing International to create an eye-catching Venom-themed AR effect that allows users to transform into the iconic Marvel anti-hero with just one tap. The feature was released on November 9th, the same day as the newest blockbuster from the Marvel universe premiered in theaters across China: it offers fans a chance to show their love for, or even become, this iconic Marvel anti-hero by downloading it from the Meitu app. Within the four days between November 9 and November 12, the feature was downloaded over 1.2 million times on the Meitu app.

On the Meitu social platform, the #COSVenom hashtag not only became popular with the app's female fan base, but also attracted the attention of a large number of male Marvel fans. The male newcomers have shown their interest in the character by posting photos of them using the AR feature and avidly discussing the film's intriguing plot. Such user-generated content has greatly contributed to even more widespread exposure for the film.

The Meitu app, with its cutting-edge imaging technology, innovative marketing methods, and lively community atmosphere, has launched collaborative projects with countless other popular names in the television & film industries. The Meitu app team has worked with the creators of Story of Yanxi Palace, and Pixar's The Incredibles 2 within this year to release special themed AR effects that have become highly popular among users and celebrities on social media. In May of last year, the Meitu app teamed with Disney China to release an auto-beautifying effect called 'Crown yourself as a Disney Princess', which incorporates the classic Disney Princess element into the app's amazing 'Cutie' effect. Three sticker effects were released under the Disney theme, including Princess Elsa, Princess Bale, and Snow White to allow users to become a Princess in their very own Meitu fairytale. The three Disney effects were used about 4.3 million times in just half a month. On Weibo, the tag #CrownYourselfAsADisneyPrincess gained a page view of over 110 million in a short amount of time. In the future, Meitu will continue to explore even more possibilities for IP collaboration.

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